Stacy Bloodworth is a product designer, who loves creating elegant nuanced solutions to complex problems.

Studio Vox

StudioVox is an online community of creatives from a wide variety of fields (such as performance, writing and the visual arts) that aims to connect its users with career and networking opportunities. Our team was given the opportunity to revisit Studio Vox's existing product, both from the user experience and strategy perspective




We first looked at the existing site architecture. From this we saw the complexity of the site and what areas we can trim. We decided to focus on making the core better. The three areas being: The dashboard-style feed as the homepage; improved search and comparison features; and creative/company profiles.

We went through many rounds of wireframes to capture the right scalable and adaptive components across each feature area.


Final Product

Dashboard view 

Once logged in, the user's dashboard is populated with content from their network, as well as recommended articles, job postings and featured content from StudioVox. 


Finding Opportunities

Under the "Find" tab, users can find other creatives, companies and jobs and refine the results to find just the right opportunity. Companies can also use the search feature to search for compatible creatives to hire.


User Profile

Each user's profile contains tabs that organize their content. Tabs can be added or removed based on the user's creative field. The left column contains a short bio, tags, location and information about the user's availability.

The resume tab allows users to input all of their relevant information, which can be quickly seen by companies seeking similar candidates

Company Profile

Companies can also have their own profile, which can be used to showcase the talent they represent or their portfolio of work, as well as a timeline of the company's history and open positions.

Finding the Right Candidate

Creatives can apply directly on the job listing page and the company will see a list of candidates below the job description. The "Compare" feature gives hiring managers the ability to see multiple creatives at once and filter through their skills to find the perfect candidate.